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Feeding Nests and Animals in Lightyear Frontier Explained

Feeding wildlife in Lightyear Frontier can give you some extra bonuses. Not only animals can be treated with food but nests too. To learn more about this mechanics, continue reading the article.

Source: Lightyear Frontier, Developer: FRAME BREAK, Amplifier Studios

Have you ever imagined what Titanfall’s mechs would handle less lethal tasks like… farming? If not, there’s a great opportunity to check how it would work, as Lightyear Frontier is a title that connects big robots with farming simulation. In this charming game, the main focus is put on colonising an alien planet, where a player will not only grow crops, but also interact with new world’s unusual flora and fauna. Let’s concentrate on animals. Not only critters can be fed, but also their nests. Should you do that, and if so, why? Here you will find all the answers that you need. Read on!

Feeding animals and nests in Lightyear Frontier

In the Lightyear Frontier world, there is nothing to be afraid of, as this game focuses on casual experience that abstains completely from violence. It nudges fans to explore and interact with the surroundings and creatures it has to offer. One of those interactions is taking care of the alien planet’s critters.

Feeding the animals is quite straightforward and gives a reward in the form of a random resource. The fauna can be treated with various types of fodder, which are unlocked throughout the course of the game.

Apart from giving food to animals, however, it is possible to feed nests too. It gives no immediate reward, but it hides an interesting bonus after meeting certain criteria. Feeding fully a nest in one area gives passive bonus to resource restoration in this specific region. You can strengthen this boost by feeding up to 3 nests. Keep an eye out on the boost status in the map menu, as it resets every day.

Thanks to additional materials, you will be able to collect them faster and expedite your base construction as well as its advancement. Good luck!

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