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News guides 26 March 2024, 03:42

author: Olga Fiszer

Lightyear Frontier - How to Build Furnace and Craft Clay

Learn how to get all the necessary resources to build a Furnace in our Lightyear Frontier guide. We explain how to turn Stone Dust into Clay.

Source: Lightyear Frontier; developer: Frame Break

Lightyear Frontier is a relaxing farming experience on an alien world. With your trusty mech, you can grow strange crops, build your own homestead, and explore the untamed wilderness. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new crafting recipes, and machines, and discover the secrets of the planet. Read on, if you want to know how to obtain Clay and build a Furnace.

How to Get Clay in Lightyear Frontier

Clay is one of two resources needed to build a Furnace in Lightyear Frontier. You won’t find clay directly out in the world, you need to craft it.

First, build a Grinder from:

  1. 10 Wood,
  2. 5 Copper Wire,
  3. 2 Iron Plates.

Now you can smash some rocks to collect Stone and place it in the Grinder to get Stone Dust. Lastly, turn Stone Dust into Clay in the Assembler.

How to Build Furnace in Lightyear Frontier

Furnace is a crafting machine used to melt and process materials in Lightyear Frontier. Use coal to heat up the Furnace to create new and useful items such as Iron Bars, Clear Glass, Red Glass and Fractalite Bars.

To build a Furnace you’ll need:

  1. 12 Clay,
  2. 12 Wood.

Furnace is a key machine for crafting many essential items. You’ll need it to make building materials, tools, and other upgrades. Later in the game, you can build an Advanced Furnace, with faster crafting speed that consumes Dried Glo Fruit instead of Coal.

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Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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