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author: Olga Fiszer

FF7 Rebirth - How to Beat Cactuar Crush on Hard and Normal

Learn the best strategy to beat Cactuar Crush on Hard Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This guide, will help you win this mini-game while playing as Yuffie and Aerith.

Source: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth; developer: Square Enix

Cactuar Crush is a mini-game in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, where you face off against waves of enemies, the spikey Cactuars. Your goal is to defeat as many foes as possible within the time limit by unleashing powerful attacks and strategically exploiting the weaknesses of different types of Cactuars. Read on, if you’re looking for tips on how to beat Cactuar Crush on Hard and Normal mode.

FF7 Rebirth – Cactuar Crush on Normal Mode

Cactuar Crush mini-games can be found in the Corel Region. The first two mini-games are unlocked during Chapter 9, with another two becoming available in Chapter 12 when doing the Core Phenomenon Intel. The color of enemies indicates their weaknesses.

  1. When playing as Yuffie, we recommend equipping the Speed Demon Keychain, which refills the ATB gauge when the character uses a weapon ability. Remember that Gladiatuars are weak to physical damage, whereas Magituars are vulnerable to magic. Yuffie’s Ninjutsu and her shuriken count as magic attacks.
  2. When playing as Aerith we suggest setting Sorcerous Storm, Ray of Judgment, and Transcendence to shortcuts as her main spells. The bright Cactuars are weak to Luminous Ward, the dark ones to Shadow Ward. Use Chrono Aegis for some extra protection.

FF7 Rebirth – Cactuar Crush on Hard Mode

Cactuar Crush on hard mode is available once all Phenomenon Intel in the Core region are finished. This can be achieved in Chapter 12, at the earliest. To beat the mini-game on hard mode we advise you to equip your character with Hermes Shoes that grant Haste at the start of the battle.

  1. When playing as Yuffie, use Windstorm when facing large groups of enemies, followed by Art of War for maximum takedowns. Against Gigantuars, use powered-up Banishment, when they are staggered, to inflict maximum damage.
  2. When playing as Aerith, focus on melee attacks to quickly build up ATB gauge, and use Sorcerous Storm to clear out groups of enemies. On giant Gigantuars, use your ultimate skill – Transcendence. Wait for them to use bodyslam and become vulnerable, then unleash the full power of your ability with two ARB charges. Watch out for orange Cactuars with bombs; take them out fast before they disrupt your flow and cost you precious time. If an enemy activates Manaward to nullify all magic damage, use physical attacks to dispel it and resume using magical attacks.

Cactuar Crush is not the only challenging mini-game in FF7 Rebirth. Check out our guide on How to Beat Fort Condor on Hard Mode.

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