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News video games 24 February 2024, 05:21

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Praised in Reviews. It’s the Second Highest Rated Game in the Series

The first reviews of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are now online. Square Enix did a fantastic job with the second part of the remake of the original classic from 1997.

Source: Square Enix

Is it possible to create a perfect remake? We haven't had a clear answer to this question so far. In recent years, at least a few titles that have appeared on the market fought for this honorable title, but perhaps none of them came as close to achieving it as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. At least that's what the critics' reviews suggest, who have already had a chance to experience Square Enix's newest game (released on February 29th).

However, moving on to the mentioned reviews, currently on the OpenCritic website, with 65 reviews, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's average score is (attention) 93/100. As many as 100% of journalists gave their recommendation to the remake.

As for Metacritic, the situation is almost identical. The average score, calculated based on 114 reviews, is also 93/100. If we take the entire FF series into account, only Final Fantasy IX can boast a better score than Rebirth, with an average rating on of 94/100.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - selected reviews

  1. God is a Geek - 100/100
  2. VGC - 100/100
  3. GamingBolt - 100/100
  4. Wccftech - 100/100
  5. - 10/10
  6. TechRaptor - 95/100
  7. GamesRadar+ - 90/100
  8. The Gamer - 90/100
  9. IGN - 90/100
  10. Eurogamer - 4/5
  11. Game Informer - 85/100
  12. Push Square - 80/100

It is hard to find anything that has divided the reviewers. Virtually all of them claim Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to be an example of an almost perfect remake. Many journalists claim that Square Enix's new work not only maintains the high level of FF7 Remake, but also exceeds it when it comes to, e.g. combat. There are also voices that Rebirth can awaken in players the same feelings as the cult original.

However, there are statements that the game should focus more on continuing the story presented in Remake. In addition, several journalists pointed out that the extensive plot and open world can be a bit overwhelming and boring after a while. It also has minor "graphic imperfections".

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will debut on February 29 only on PlayStation 5. However, this situation may change, as the first part has already been released on PC and in the face of Sony's new strategy, it is expected that its sequel will too.

Kamil Kleszyk

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