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News video games 20 December 2021, 15:06

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Worst AAA Game on PC in a Long Time - DF's Crushing Review of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Quite recently we received the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be a big failure. Players complain about bad technical condition.

  1. Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC has quite a few optimization and performance issues;
  2. Another downside is the inability to adjust graphics settings, which impacts performance;
  3. One journalist was even tempted to call FFVIIR the worst AAA game available on PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake sparked a lot of controversy even before its official release on PC. Unfortunately, there's even more of that after its debut. According to Digital Foundry journalists, the game has considerable problems with optimization and performance. However, there's more

"RTSS does not seem to pick up the framerate issues really in FFVIIR as far as I can tell. It is telling you the game is running at 60 when it sure as hell is not. PresentMon is not reflecting what is on screen," wrote Alexander Battaglia on Twitter

RTSS, or Riva Tuner Statistics Server is a tool for monitoring GPU, CPU and system memory performance in games.

PresentMon is a software that enables us to measure the smoothness of on-screen animation.

Problems with performance are not the only problem in FFVIIR. As we can read on Ars Technica, the game is missing some key visual settings. For example, we can't adjust the anti-aliasing or lock the V-sync. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As one of the Reddit users discovered, the Final Fantasy VII Remake version that was delivered to Epic Games Store was a developer/debugger build, not "suitable" for general use. So it's not hard to guess that this could be one of the reasons for the aforementioned technical issues.

Looking at all the aforementioned "faults" of the remake, the game's price seems even more detached from reality. The perfect summary of Final Fantasy VII Remake's condition are the words of the aforementioned Alex Battaglia:

"This is literally the worst AAA release I have seen on PC in a good long time," reads the comment posted on Resetera forum.

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