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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

Old adventure never dies Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide, walkthrough explains the materia system, best weapons and location of summons and moogle medals. There is also a detail description of all boss fights.

Last update: 10 August 2022

This guide and walkthrough for Final Fantasy VII Remake is an extensive database dedicated to the remade version of the cult-classic 1997 title from Square Enix. The contents of the guide will help you in completing all storyline and side missions as well as achieving 100% completion of the game. We've added sections dedicated to character development and trophies.

FF7 Remake: Guide's content

The first major chapter of the guide serves as a beginner guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake. The first page is taken up by starting tips which should be familiarized by all those that begin their adventure with the Final Fantasy series: Begginer' Guide. On further pages, we discuss important issues like Character Attributes, Combat, Weapons and Upgrades, Materia and Summons, Limit Breaks, Status Effects and Elements, and finally Status Ailments.

Another major chapter of the FF7 Remake guide is the FAQ section which offers answers to frequently asked questions. The topics include how to quickly earn experience points, how to replenish HP and MP points, how to gain Gile (the main currency of the game), how to set combat shortcuts, how to escape combat, how to stun enemies, as well as how to get Magnify Materia.

Our guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake also contains a few smaller chapters. The topic of Materia received a separate one, where you can find all relevant information about this mechanic, and learn, among others, how to upgrade Materia, what are the best Materia in the game, and how to get all Materia. The Team chapter will help you in upgrading Cloud as well as other team members appearing in the game: Barret, Tifa, Aerith. The Inventory chapter contains a list of all weapons, and a list of all weapon upgrades for individual characters, including Cloud.

During the adventure in FFVII Remake you'll meet many powerful opponents - as a result, we've added a separate chapter dedicated to all boss encounters that take place during the game. The chapter also covers side bosses.

A separate, extensive chapter was dedicated to the Final Fantasy VII Remake walkthrough. The individual pages refer to particular storyline missions, completing of which is required in order to complete the FF7 Remake story. We've also supplied walkthroughs for all side quests that can be undertaken and completed during individual chapters of the game.

The guide further includes a chapter dedicated to all Discoveries, i.e.hidden events and scenes. Secrets, collectibles, and additional challenges received their separate chapter. The guide is concluded by an Appendix section which offers a list of all trophies along with tips on how to unlock them and complete the game in 100%, as well as a complete controls list for FF7 Remake.

Our guide also covers all DLCs released for Final Fantasy VII Remake. The Intermission chapter offers a detailed walkthrough for Yuffie's episode (both story and side quests) as well as detailed solutions for boss fights. The remaining pages are dedicated to secrets and collectibles.

FF7 Remake: Quick begginer's guide

  1. Buy new Materia in shops and Vending Machines - some of them can only be found in certain areas (through Vending Machines)
  2. Always destroy Shinra chests: they contain valuable items, restore HP and MP, and may contain e.g. Moogle Medals;
  3. Explore all areas of the given map: some areas of FF7 Remake include branching or hidden locations;
  4. Transfer Materia between characters - if a character is currently out of the team, remove his Materias and transfer them to the team members that participate in combat;
  5. Make use of Assess: this Materia allows you to check the HP of encountered enemies, their Weaknesses, and other information.

For more tips and tricks, visit Starting Tips chapter of the guide: Begginer's Guide.

FF7 Remake: All Storyline Missions, Walkthrough

  1. Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
  2. Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters
  3. Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum
  4. Chapter 4: Mad Dash
  5. Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit
  6. Chapter 6: Light the Way
  7. Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung
  8. Chapter 8: Building Bodyguard
  9. Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps
  10. Chapter 10: Rough Waters
  11. Chapter 11: Haunted
  12. Chapter 12: Fight for Survival
  13. Chapter 13: A Broken World
  14. Chapter 14 - In Search of Hope
  15. Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still
  16. Chapter 16: The Belly of The Beast
  17. Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos
  18. Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads

FF7 Remake: All Secondary Missions

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum

  1. Chadley's Report
  2. Rat Problem
  3. Nuisance in the Factory
  4. Lost Friends
  5. On the Prowl
  6. Just Flew In from the Graveyard

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard

  1. The Mysterious Moogle Merchant
  2. Kids on Patrol
  3. Weapons on a Rampage
  4. A Verified Hero
  5. The Angel of the Slums
  6. Paying Respects

Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps

  1. Burning Thighs
  2. The Party Never Stops
  3. A Dynamite Body

Chapter 14 - In Search of Hope

  1. Missing Children
  2. Chocobo Search
  3. Tomboy Bandit
  4. Corneo's Secret Stash
  5. Malicious Goons
  6. Wavering Heart
  7. The Power of Music
  8. Secret Medicine
  9. Subterranean Menace

FF7 Remake: All Bosses

  1. Chapter 1, Scorpion Sentinel
  2. Chapter 4, Roche
  3. Chapter 5, Crab Warden
  4. Chapter 7, Airbuster
  5. Chapter 8, Reno
  6. Chapter 8.1, Rude
  7. Chapter 9, Hell House
  8. Chapter 10, Abzu
  9. Chapter 11, Ghoul
  10. Chapter 11.1, Eligor
  11. Chapter 12, Reno and Rude
  12. Chapter 13, Failed Experiment
  13. Chapter 15, Valkyrie
  14. Chapter 16, Specimen H0512
  15. Chapter 17, Jenova Dreamweaver
  16. Chapter 17.1, Rufus and Darkstar
  17. Chapter 17.2, Arsenal
  18. Chapter 18, Sephiroth

FF7 Remake: All Materia

  1. Best Materia
  2. Green Materia - Magic Materia
  3. Blue Materia - Support Materia
  4. Yellow Materia - Command Materia
  5. Purple Materia - Independent Materia
  6. Red Materia - Summoning Materia

FF7 Remake: Best Builds, Skills

  1. Best skills
  2. Cloud: character development
  3. Barret: character development
  4. Tifa: character development
  5. Aerith: character development

FF7 Remake: Weapons, Upgrades

  1. List of all weapons
  2. Cloud: weapons upgrades, skills
  3. Barret: weapons upgrades, skills
  4. Tifa: weapons upgrades, skills
  5. Aerith: weapons upgrades, skills

FF7 Remake: All Discoveries

  1. Chapter 3 - Home Sweet Slum - Alone at Last
  2. Chapter 6 - Light the Way - Collapsed Passageway
  3. Chapter 6 - Light the Way - Inside the Ventilation Fan
  4. Chapter 7 - A Trap is Sprung - Waste Recovery
  5. Chapter 8 - Budding Bodyguard - The Gate Won't Open
  6. Chapter 8 - Budding Bodyguard - The Language of Flowers
  7. Chapter 9 - The Town That Never Sleeps - Vagabond Johnny
  8. Chapter 14 - In Search of Hope - Johnny's Stolen Wallet

FF7 Remake: All Secrets, Collectibles, Additional Challenges

  1. Chadley's Battle Intel
  2. Music Collection
  3. Corneo Colosseum
  4. Shinra VR Combat Simulator
  5. Moogle Emporium
  6. Manuscripts

FF7 Remake Intermission: All story missions

Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest

  1. First Challenge
  2. Gain Intel
  3. Scout Out Sector 7
  4. The Handoff
  5. After Him
  6. Shinra Building or Bust

Chapter 2: Covert Ops

  1. Scarlet's Trap
  2. Find That Materia
  3. The Invitation
  4. A New Threat

FF7 Remake Intermission: All side missions

  1. The Happy Envoy
  2. Combat Simulator

FF7 Remake Intermission: All bosses

  1. Gigantipede
  2. Scarlet / The Crimson Mare
  3. Nero

FF7 Remake Intermission: All secrets and collectibles

Sector 7: Slums

  1. HP Up Materia
  2. Wind Materia
  3. MP Up Materia
  4. Boomerang
  5. Warding Materia
  6. First Chakra Materia
  7. Second Chakra Materia
  8. First Strike Materia
  9. Indurate Staff

Shipping Facility

  1. Prayer Materia
  2. Steel Reaper
  3. Elemental Materia

Main Pillar Mainenance Facility

  1. Magic Up Materia
  2. Lightning Materia

Shinra Electric Power Company

  1. Djinn Staff
  2. Time Materia

FF7 Remake: Basics

The chapter of FF7 Remake guide contains tips and hints about the most important gameplay mechanics. These tips should help you to complete the game:

  1. Combat, active pause mode, ATB
  2. Limit Break
  3. Limit Break - list of attacks
  4. Guarding and Evading
  5. Battle System - Classic and Standard
  6. Weapons and upgrades
  7. Summoning materia
  8. Accessories and bonuses
  9. Mini-games tips
  10. Leveling up
  11. Character attributes
  12. Materia and Summons
  13. Status Effects and Elements
  14. Status Ailments

FF7 Remake: FAQ

FAQ section is there for players that have certain questions regarding the game - answers to them can be seen below. Other questions and answers to them can be viewed on separate pages of our guide, in the FAQ chapter.

  1. Difficulty level - which one to choose?: In FF7 Remake, there are several levels of difficulty to choose from. If you are a novice player and this is your first contact with the Final Fantasy series, consider following this advice.
  2. Experience - how to earn it quickly?: In FF7 Remake, the maximum level capacity is set at 50, so it pays off to know how to quickly and effectively gain XP and use it to develop your characters.
  3. Gil - how to earn a lot of currency?: Gil is the main currency of Final Fantasy VII Remake - with it, you can buy, among others, Materia, items, or accessories. On this page of our guide, we show the ways of gaining money fast.
  4. HP and MP - how to regenerate?: During battles, health points and mana points are very quickly depleted, so it pays off to know all the ways of replenishing them.

About Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide

Author : Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal & Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Square-Enix / Eidos
  • publisher: Square-Enix / Eidos
  • platform: PS4

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