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News video games 29 August 2023, 16:23

author: Marcin Przala

First Wipe in Dark and Darker - Thank You Cheaters

The online dungeon crawler, Dark and Darker lived to see its first account reset. Unfortunately, the so-called wipe had to take place prematurely, all due to cheaters who took advantage of the game's bugs, destroying its balance.


Controversial dungeon crawler, Dark and Darker recently released in early access, has prematurely received an account reset.

Progress wipe is standard in online games based on collecting loot and escaping with it, such as Escape from Tarkov or Dark and Darker for that matter. It's worth mentioning that account wipe does not only involve rebooting levels, but also earned gold and items.

However, what is special about Dark and Darker is the fact that the reset came earlier than the developers had originally planned - just three weeks after the game's debut in early access.

What prompted the developers to wipe accounts? As communicated via the game's official Discord, the main reason for the premature reset was - as usual - cheaters, who used bugs and exploits.

Those responsible for the game added that from now on their game will be more resistant to further attempts to gain unfair advantage. The developers also announced that next time players should get a little more time between account wipes, and promised better communication in this regard.

"We have learned from this experience and have updated the game and our services to be more resilient to problematic individuals. In the future, we hope to have more time between early access account cleanups and will report on them with greater frequency."

As a side note, I will mention that at the same time Dark and Darker received a small patch, which, among other things, nerfed the Bard, partially undid the severe spell weaknesses, and, most importantly, restored VoIP, a voice channel that enables the players close to each other to communicate, to the game. The full list of changes can be found here and on the game's official Discord.

Dark and Darker debuted on August 8 in early access exclusively on PCs. The game can be purchased on chafgames and the developer's official website. The standard version of the title costs $35.

Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

Graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. He has been interested in games from an early age, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Dragon Age: Origins hold a special place in his heart. His passion for electronic entertainment led to the phenomenon of immersion becoming the subject of his bachelor's thesis. Today, above all, a fan of soulslike and classic RPGs. Besides games, he likes dark fantasy literature, and for many years he has been eagerly following the English Premier League, where his beloved club - Chelsea - plays.


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