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News guides 11 January 2024, 03:49

author: Damian Gacek

Does Your Update Stuck at 0? If Dark and Darker Is not Updating, We Have a Fix

Many players experience problems with Dark and Darker not updating. If your update stuck at 0%, we have a fix for you.

Source: Dark and Darker, developer: Ironmace

Dark and Darker was on a good way to become next Steam hit, however a legal problem blocked this opportunity. Nevertheless, the game is by no means dead. While it may be not featured on the Valve platform, the popular dungeon crawler is gaining more and more players. What is more, developers announced that they have received an official age rating in Korea. As you can see, creators do not abandon their game and even after so many issues they implement various changes. The recent patch confused some players, though. They report that their game is not updating. If it stuck at 0% for you, we have a solution.

Dark and Darker not updating fix

If the recent Dark and Darker update stuck at 0, you don’t have to worry. The game is updating, but it does not communicate this – it’s a graphical bug. You just have to wait for a little bit. Well… in many cases more than that, as some players report that the patch may take even 2 hours to complete. The length of this update is probably the case why so many people believe that their game is broken. Nevertheless, after some time, Dark and Darker should jump straight to 100%.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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