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News video games 18 March 2024, 01:33

author: Maciej Gaffke

Dark and Darker May Hit Epic Games Store Before Returning to Steam

Ironmace studio plans to make Dark and Darker available on the Epic Games Store. The devs of the popular dungeon crawler also aim to bring the production back to Steam.

Source: Ironmace.

The developers of the hit Dark and Darker have shared good news about the availability of this dungeon crawler. The game has received a card in the Epic Games Store and will soon be available to users of this platform. The studio Ironmace, responsible for the game, is still trying to bring their hit back to Steam.

  1. The title's release date on the Epic Games Store wasn't revealed in either the announcement or on the newly created card for Dark and Darker.
  2. As the developers report, creating a card in EGS is the first step to presenting the game to a larger audience.
  3. The studio emphasized that it would keep collaborating with "different partners" to guarantee fans' access to the game and consequently expand the community. Undoubtedly, this is primarily about restoring Dark and Darker to Steam.
Dark and Darker May Hit Epic Games Store Before Returning to Steam - picture #1
Information about creating a game card in EGS / Dark and Darker channel on Discord.

Let us recall that in March 2023, this well-received game disappeared from the Valve platform. This happened after Nexon accused the devs of violating copyright laws. However, in January of this year, the court dismissed the preliminary lawsuit of this company, which gives us a little hope for a quick return of Dark and Darker to Steam.

It seems likely that we will experience Ironmace's hit in the Epic Games Store sooner. Let's note that currently the game being developed in early access can only be purchased directly from its official site.

  1. Dark and Darker -- official website
  2. Dark and Darker in Epic Games Store

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