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News video games 23 June 2023, 16:40

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Geralt Won't be Alone in Fortnite Anymore; Ciri and Yennefer are Coming

Fans of The Witcher who double as Fortnite players are facing quite an opportunity. Starting today, the characters Ciri and Yennefer are available in Epic Games' popular shooter. The duo is waiting in the item store as part of the Gaming Legends series.

Source: Epic Games

Epic Games has announced another crossover between The Witcher and Fortnite. This time the battle royale hit will see more characters well known to fans of Andrzej Sapkowski's universe - Ciri and Yennefer .. The appearance of the heroines is not accidental. Next week (i.e. June 29), the third season of The Witcher will debut on Netflix. The gameplay in Fortnite is therefore to be a preparation for the upcoming premiere.

It is worth adding that each heroine has been given her own island, which contains special challenges.. Their completion will yield rewards.

  • Ciri's Escape - Your task is to escape from the White Cold. To do this, you must run, jump and overcome obstacles. At the end, you'll get the Ciri emote will be waiting for you. You can start the expedition by going to the "Discover" tab or by entering the island code: 2776-4034-8400.
  • Yennefer's Battlefield - Defeat enemies using swords, bows and magic abilities while defending your team's base. For completing the challenge island you'll get an emote from Yennefer. You will join the battle through the "Discover" tab or by using the island code: 2862-9616-5689.

In addition, for completing the islands Ciri's Escape and Yennefer's Battlefield, players can earn a banner - Tale of Two Storms.

The developers have also put at our disposal cosmetic sets such as Ciri's outfit and Zireael's backpack, in which you will find the iconic Witcher sword. Yennefer, on the other hand, we will be able to equip with the Bird Skull backpack. You can find more information about the novelties here.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Ciri and Yennefer are not the first characters known from The Witcher universe that are coming to Fortnite. Earlier, the trail in the game was blazed by Geralt of Rivia himself.

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