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News video games 11 January 2024, 06:15

Forza Motorsport Developers Have Unveiled a Plan to Fix Three of the Game’s Biggest Flaws

Turn 10 Studios has finally prepared a „roadmap” for the development of Forza Motorsport - or at least a substitute for it. The developers described more or less exactly how they will improve the artificial intelligence, penalties during races and the system of „leveling up” cars.

Source: Turn 10 Studios.

The creators of Forza Motorsport woke up surprisingly quickly from their Christmas and New Year lethargy to get back to work. Although in December they announced another major update for the middle of January, they decided to open the new year earlier - with a special message to the community.

Fans, worried about the game's poor condition, have long been asking for a roadmap that would tell them what Turn 10's long-term plan is to develop and, more importantly, fix Forza Motorsport. The developer decided to accommodate these requests... to some extent.

The above-mentioned communication identifies three main areas that will be improved in the short or long term:

  1. car levels - creators are looking for a golden mean, i.e. solutions that will satisfy the critics (mainly fans of previous installments, demanding immediate access to all tuning options, without having to grind), and at the same time will not deprive those who liked "leveling up" cars (yes, there are some people like this) of pleasure; however, they warn that a "proper evaluation" of available options and the introduction of changes in the game code and their "meticulous testing" will still take a lot of time;
  2. artificial intelligence - in the first months of the year, we expect improvements that will make AI opponents less aggressive and stop causing such chaos in the first corners after the start of the race, as is often the case today; Turn 10 will also address cases of sudden braking for no reason and other stupid AI errors;
  3. penalties for offenses - the developers declare that for several months they will use the help of the most experienced multiplayer players to obtain as much data as possible, which will help the algorithms become fairer judges during races, awarding more adequate penalties for collisions and other offenses (or not awarding them their players who were not at fault).

In addition, it was assured that work on new routes or cars and various bug fixes (of which there are still many, but at least not critical anymore) will continue. However, as you can see, Turn 10 Studios did not provide too many details about what exactly will be done to make Forza Motorsport spread its wings and realize its potential. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that players do not feel too reassured by the creators' declarations (judging by their reactions online, e.g. on X/Twitter ).

Christopher Mysiak

Christopher Mysiak

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