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News video games 09 April 2024, 00:47

Forza Motorsport With Long List of Improvements. New Track Unlocks Use of Game's Most Unique Cars

After a two-month hiatus, the developers of Forza Motorsport continue to add to the list of tracks - this time with Brands Hatch. Furthermore, today's update brought a long list of fixes, and new career competitions will finally use the extensive collection of historic race cars.

Source: Turn 10 Studios.

One of the most frequently repeated criticisms of Forza Motorsport is that it is a car racing game that makes almost no use of racing cars in the career mode. Fortunately, this is changing – temporarily – with Update 7 released today.

We will participate in several historical racing car categories during the new competition, which will be released gradually from next Thursday until May. Therefore, the Turn 10 studio is finally using vehicles from the collection that sets Forza apart from many other similar games and is one of its strongest assets.

Recalling the history of motorsport is made easier by the atmosphere of the track introduced in the update - the addition of the renowned British Brands Hatch track, available in two versions (Grand Prix and Indy). It may not have been so much "added" as it was restored from Forza Motorsport 7, with a graphical rejuvenation treatment.

Two new cars also refer to the theme of racing history, intended as prizes in the mentioned career mode competitions:

  1. 1964 Brabham BT8 - from April 11 to May 16;
  2. 1977 Renault #15 Renault Elf Team R.S. 01 - from May 2 to May 30.

This time, no additional models from "recycling" (i.e. restored from FM7 or borrowed from Forza Horizon 5) accompany them. Only buyers of the Car Pass will be given three more cars:

  1. 2019 Ginetta G55 GT4 - from April 11;
  2. 1970 Matra-Simca #146 Equipe Matra-Simca MS650 Tour de France - from April 18;
  3. 2016 Ligier #11 Euro International JS P3 - from April 25th.

Apart from this relatively limited content, Turn 10 studio has prepared an extensive list of improvements. Here are some of them:

  1. the game's size has been decreased by 15-20%, which is approximately 29 GB on PC and 25 GB on XSX/S;
  2. further performance improvements have been made on PC by reducing the impact that car paint quality has on VRAM usage, as well as adding options to lower CPU utilization at the expense of audio quality;
  3. the devs continue to improve the system of penalties for offenses - it should now reprimand us less often when we are hit from the side;
  4. the proximity arrows indicating the distance from other cars on the track have been adjusted to provide players with more accurate information;
  5. various aspects of the Le Mans track appearance have been improved, e.g. textures in selected places;
  6. the engine sound of several cars, e.g. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, has been improved;
  7. the game's stability has been enhanced and a number of errors have been fixed.

You can find all the changes here. Unfortunately, we are facing another two-month break before the new track is added to the game - the next track can only be expected in June. We currently know nothing about the content of the May update, which will appear in five weeks (exceptionally instead of four).

Christopher Mysiak

Christopher Mysiak

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