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News video games 25 October 2023, 01:26

Forza Motorsport's Second Patch was Supposed to Fix the Worst Bug, but Failed

After a week of waiting, Turn 10 Studios has released the second patch for Forza Motorsport. Hotfix 1.1 was supposed to fix only one problem, but the most serious of all. Unfortunately, the operation was not a complete success.

Source: Turn 10.

Among the multitude of problems plaguing Forza Motorsport players, one proved to be particularly troublesome. It concerns a bug that occasionally causes progress not to be saved after a race in career mode. When this happens, the game crashes when you try to approve car upgrades or buy a new car before the next competition, and when you restart it, you find that the last race(s) have to be repeated.

Players were disappointed that in the first update (1.0), devs at Turn 10 ignored this pain point. The developer devoted the next patch to it instead (hotfix 1.1), which was made available today. This is, in fact, the only change introduced in it.

Since the players were full of hope that they would get rid of the biggest nuisance, they were rather not bothered by the modest size of the patch (on Steam it weighs a mere 67.4 MB). And while there are many reports of improved game stability, it soon turned out, unfortunately, that the joy was premature.

Although the moderation of the official forum of the series closed the thread about the bug in question in the Troubleshooting Hub section (it had a then-record 657 submissions), an analogous topic was promptly opened by the first player who again encountered the same problem - and is quickly gaining the votes of more affected users.

Unfortunately, it looks like Turn 10 has once again tarnished its own reputation in the eyes of fans, who are left to try to wring out even more patience and continue using the temporary solution (not changing tires and the amount of refueling supposedly reduces the risk of error).

No doubt we will wait a lot before the game spreads its wings and realizes its great potential. Perhaps more positive changes will br brought by update 2.0, which is expected in early November. It should include the first additional track - announced in September, the Yas Marina.

Christopher Mysiak

Christopher Mysiak

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