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News video games 17 January 2024, 06:41

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Free Update Instead of Paid DLC. Total War Pharaoh: High Tide is Coming

High Tide, a major free update to the Total War: Pharaoh strategy, has been announced. With it, Creative Assembly studio wants to regain the trust of fans.

Source: Sega.

So far, Creative Assembly is keeping the promises it made in December last year. As announced, a large update will be coming to Total War: Pharaoh â?? free for all game owners.Today, we learned that it's called High Tide and will be released on January 25.

As the title suggests, the update will focus on the invasion of the Sea People, which the players will lead. A trailer has been released (below) showing what to expect from High Tide.

As part of the update, Total War: Pharaoh will also get:

  1. two playable factions: the Sherden people and the Peleset;
  2. 37 new units (including Nuraghe warriors and Sherden infantry), chariots (with the option of dismantling them);
  3. previously unavailable tradition "Forge your own path" and two additional paths: Marauder and People of the Sea;
  4. two new mechanics, outpost, royal decrees, faction traits, titles and assistants.

Detailed information about High Tide can be found on the official blog of the series.

Let's recall that the update in question was initially supposed to be a paid expansion for Total War: Pharaoh. A difficult period in the history of the Creative Assembly studio and fans' dissatisfaction with the developers' actions (one of the biggest disappointments at that time was the price-to-content ratio of the DLC for Total War: Warhammer III) forced the developer to introduce changes. The message published by the vice president of CA apologized to the players and outlined the future of both productions mentioned here.

One of the promises was kept immediately â?? the price of Total War: Pharaoh was reduced from $60 to $40. The next ones were supposed to be updates â?? like the one discussed here. Let's hope that the desire to rebuild the image and good relations with fans will still be the primary goal for Creative Assembly studio.