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News video games 14 December 2023, 14:06

Total War Devs Apologize; Pharaoh Almost 50% Off as Sign of Goodwill

Creative Assembly has apologized to Total War: Pharaoh and Total War: Warhammer 3 players for its recent actions. The developers announced big changes - including a price cut for TW: Pharaoh and refunds for those who purchased the game earlier.

Source: Creative Assembly.

Cold reception of Total War: Pharaoh (both among reviewers, as well as players), constant criticism of Total War: Warhammer III, as well as reports that developers from Creative Assembly have to listen to a group of marketing specialists with only short-term profit in mind, resulted in the cancellation of the shooter Hyenas and announcement from Sega, assuring that in the future this British studio will fully devote itself to strategy games. In other words, things were going badly at Creative Assembly. However, there is a chance that the situation will improve.

Creative Assembly apologizes

This is indicated by a long message from Roger Collum, vice president of the studio, constituting an apology to players. Collum acknowledged that it has had a difficult time, during which many mistakes were made in relations with the community. As it reads:

"We see confusion, frustration and lack of trust in us throughout the community and, frankly, it breaks our hearts. We make games to give you joy, to share our love of history, fantasy and strategy games. Total War is everything to us, we care about it as much as you do. Apparently, our recent actions did not speak for this.

We apologize.

We can't solve our problems overnight, but we will work on a more transparent and consistent relationship with all of you."

The first brick to rebuild good relations between the developer and the community has already been laid. For Collum has mentioned what the players can look forward to in the near future when it comes to Total War: Warhammer III and Total War: Pharaoh.

What's next for Total War: Warhammer 3?

  1. In February 2024 Shadows of Change DLC is expected to receive a major update, which will bring more player-anticipated content to the game. This is because Creative Assembly studio realizes that fans expected something different than they got. Details of the upcoming changes and news are expected to be revealed in early 2024.
  2. Consequently, the Thrones of Decay DLC, announced in winter, will ve delayed and released in spring 2024. The extra time is to enable the developers to avoid past mistakes. Players will receive clear information regarding what this expansion will offer before they can purchase it.
  3. Following the release of the Thrones of Decay DLC Creative Assembly will reveal details of further content packs for Total War: Warhammer III. In addition, the developers want to maintain approximately two-week intervals between the updates.

What's next for Total War: Pharaoh?

  1. Steam removed the Deluxe and Dynasty editions of the game - only the standard version is available, whose price will be reduced.
  2. What about those who have purchased Total War: Pharaoh for the original price? They can count on a refund in the amount of the price difference. The funds will be sent to their Steam wallet.
  3. The first DLC for the game will be released in early 2024 in the form of an update (for free)and not - as originally planned - a paid expansion.
  4. Will Total War: Pharaoh receive further additions later? For now, it is unknown. The developers have "big plans," but they are in the process of determining the game's future, and - if they decide to implement them - will only reveal them when they are ready.
  5. Nevertheless, the game will continue to receive updates. These are to increase the size of the maps, expand the campaign, and introduce new factions and cultures.

It is worth adding that under Roger Collum's letter are the names of all the people managing the Total War brand - including Rob Bartholomew, who was supposedly the biggest contributor to the deterioration of Creative Assembly's image. Will the changes warm up his image? Time will tell - the first reactions of the community seem positive, especially with the unexpected price reduction of Total War: Pharaoh and refunds.

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