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News video games 24 February 2021, 14:43

author: Paul Musiolik

Genshin Impact Shows the Development Costs of a Live-service Game

The head of MiHoYo revealed how much it cost to create Genshin Impact. The Chinese studio spent 100 million dollars so far, and wants to invest twice this amount every subsequent year of the game's development.

  1. The development of Genshin Impact cost 100 million dollars so far;
  2. Each year, MiHoYo plans to invest twice that amount in the game's development.

Genshin Impact is on its way to dominating the mobile F2P market, targeting PC and console gamers as well. After a fantastic debut (winning the poll for best game of 2020 on Google Play) and even better financial results MiHoYo does not intend to slow down.

As reported by Twitter user AE Entropy, during a speech at the alumni meeting of Shanghai Jiaotong University Cai Haoyu, president of MiHoYo, revealed that so far $100 million has been invested in the development of Genshin Impact. If that amount seems impressive to you (and it should be, as we're talking about a mobile game), what will you say when you learn the amount of money the studio intends to spend on the game's further development? We're talking about $200 million per year to ensure a steady stream of new content.

Investments will also be made in MiHoYo. There are plans to open a development center in the US and continue hiring new employees. The developer has doubled its workforce since 2014, with over 700 people working on Genshin Impact alone. In total, there are 2,400 people working at the studio.

Of course, this won't be the only game the Chinese studio will be working on. Cai Haoyu revealed that the company wants to release a large game every 2-3 years. The goal is to develop a virtual world in which millions of people will spend their time (and money). The release date of the new project, which is in the planning stage, is considered to be 2030.

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