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News video games 01 May 2020, 13:48

author: Frozen

GTA and GTA 2 Got Age Ratings... on PlayStation 3

Quite unexpectedly entries concerning the PS3 versions of the first two installments of Grand Theft Auto series appeared in the database of the European PEGI system.

GTA on PS3? What year is it?
  • PEGI just rated the first two parts of the GTA series on PlayStation 3;
  • Both titles have a release date set to "April 30, 2020".

Although this sounds like a message at least a decade old, PEGI has just given age ratings to GTA and GTA 2 for PlayStation 3. According to the data, both productions were due to be released yesterday (April 30, 2020).

The first Grand Theft Auto was rated 16 (violence, vulgar language), while the second game got 18 (violence).

These are the first Grand Theft Auto games classified by PEGI since the mobile installment called Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories from 2015. It's not clear why both titles have been rated right now, and for the console, whose production has ended three years ago. There may have been some mistake.

The first GTA was released in 1997 on PC and PS1. The second part of the series debuted two years later - the title was available on PCs, the first PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast.

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