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News video games 12 August 2020, 15:53

author: Bart Swiatek

GTA Online - Rockstar Listened; Players Praise Changes

Players are pleased with the changes that have been introduced in the latest update to GTA Online. These include improvements removing known bugs and improving gameplay.

The new patch for GTA Online is getting positive feedback.


  1. The latest update for GTA Online has fixed some known bugs and made some changes to improve the gameplay;
  2. This included the Lucky Wheel respin timer and easier return of cars to the garage.

GTA Online players praise the changes introduced in the latest update. We are talking about QOL (Quality of Life) improvements, things that affect the comfort of gameplay, as well as corrections of several known bugs. The patch was summed up with a funny memoereferring to Avengers: Infinity War.

GTA Online Summer Special - key changes

Several threads that appeared on the Reddit forum mention mostly four major changes. Two of them are bug fixes, and two more are related to interface.

  1. Sending a car back without a motorcycle club - in the past, players return a car back to a garage anywhere in the game world only after joining a motorcycle club (MC for short) or calling a mechanic, which often required them to cover a long distance. The function introduced in the last patch removes these limitations;
  2. Lucky Wheel respin timer in the casino - the developers have also added a counter that informs players how much time needs to pass before they can use the "wheel of fortune" in the casino again (the so-called Lucky Wheel). Previously, users had to memorize or write down the time.
  3. Elimination of "Gold Glitch" - the creators fixed a bug that made it possible to earn abnormally large money during a casino robbery.
  4. Removing the glitch that allowed for delaying the countdown in Bunker Sales missions - the bug allowed players to block the counter for a while. It required opening the phone just before Agent 14 was supposed to call us, so we could easily reach the first location indicated in the mission.

GTA Online Summer Special update, available since yesterday, also includes new content - e.g. new race tracks and co-op missions.

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Last update: 2020-08-12

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