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News video games 14 August 2022, 23:38

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Hideo Kojima Prepares for Hamescom? Dev Posted Enigmatic Photo

Apparently, Hideo Kojima likes to tease the fans. The developer shared a photo of his video editing software, which immediately sparked a wave of speculation that he is preparing something for the upcoming gamescom trade show.

Source: Hideo Kojima/ Source: YouTube/ PlayStation.

Hideo Kojima, former vice president of Konami and creator of such brands as Metal Gear Solid, recently shared images of video editing software. Probably for the ordinary layman this would not be unusual, but fans of the Japanese creator, who constantly follow his social networks, see important clues in these photographs.

Hideo Kojima Prepares for Hamescom? Dev Posted Enigmatic Photo - picture #1
Source: Twitter/@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN

Kojima's enigmatic Twitter post was accompanied by a specific comment. It seems to suggest that he is working on editing a possible trailer, which he could present to the public at the upcoming international gamescom trade show, which will be held in Cologne from August 24 to August 28, this year. At least that's what fans of the developer hope.

In turn, other speculation is that Kojima may take part in this year's yet unannounced PlayStation Showcase and it is for this event that he is preparing some mysterious material.

Whether the creator has a trailer planned for gamescom, the PlayStation Showcase, or something else entirely, we know that his studio, Kojima Productions, is currently working on at least two different titles. This was confirmed late last year in an interview with Famitsu (via TheGamer).

Although it was not revealed which projects were involved, gamers, based on statements by the star of Death Stranding - Norman Reedus - are betting that this includes a second installment of the popular action adventure game. On the other hand, the second work is an alleged, as yet unconfirmed game for Xbox consoles, called Overdose (you can read more about it here).

So there is nothing left for us to do but be patient and wait for more concrete information from Hideo Kojima himself.

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