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News video games 15 December 2022, 14:46

author: Adam Adamczyk

High on Life: Blood Harvest; Watch Full-length Movies in the Game

High on Life features several full-length video. One of them is Blood Harvest from 1987.

High on Life is a very unique, humorous FPS game from Squanch Games, a studio co-founded by Justin Roiland, one of the creators of the iconic Rick and Morty. One of the interesting facts about the game is that you can watch movies in it. One of them is Blood Harvest from 1987.

Blood Harvest in High on Life

Blood Harvest is a 1987 horror film that tells the story of Jill Robinson, who returns to her hometown years later. However, it turns out that her house has been destroyed and her parents are missing. The movie was directed by Bill Rebane and produced by Leszek Burzynski, who also played a role in the title.

How to watch Blood Harvest in High on Life?

High on Life features a number of short animations and four full-length films. One of them is Blood Harvest. To watch the movie , just turn on the TV in your apartment or go to the theater. Which movie is broadcast depends on your progress in the game. To get to the theater, you must use the Theater Warp Disc, which can be purchased from Blorto.

High on Life: list of movies

You can watch four full-length movies in High on life. They are:

  1. Blood Harvest
  2. Demon Wind
  3. Tammy and the T-Rex
  4. Vampire Hookers

In addition to full-length films, you can also watch a lot of much shorter productions. The aforementioned feature-length movies are horror films, and some may sometimes feature nudity, so it's worth keeping this in mind if you plan to stream High on Life live.

High on Life

High on Life

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