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News video games 28 January 2022, 13:25

author: Adrian Werner

Hitman 3 Offers Free Upgrades on Steam

IO Interactive is trying to calm the moods after the failed launch of Hitman 3 on Steam. It's doing so with free upgrades to more expensive versions of the game.

Hitman 3 went on sale on Steam last week, and before that, the stealth game had been an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year. Unfortunately, the debut on Valve's service went badly, mainly because of the prices, which were too high according to the players. The developers have admitted their mistake and as an apology owners of the game will receive free upgrades to more expensive editions.

Free upgrades for better Hitman 3 editions

What you get will depend on what version you bought.

  1. Owners of Hitman 3 Standard Edition will receive an upgrade to the Deluxe Edition.
  2. Owners of Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition or Hitman Trilogy will receive an upgrade adding Seven Deadly Sins Collection for free, it's a DLC that costs around $20 as standard.

These upgrades will be automatically added to our Steam account. Those who have already purchased Hitman 3 should find the described changes the next time they launch the game. The free upgrade offer applies to all players who purchase the latest adventures of Agent 47 by February 19, 2022.

What upset the gamers? Mainly the prices

Steam debut of Hitman 3 did not go well. A day after the launch, only 42% of user reviews were positive, which the service categorized as "mixed reception". Players complained mainly about the price. In the opinion of many of them, full price is too much for a game that is already a year old. Negative reactions were also caused by the abundance of available DLCs and the fact that it is difficult to find out what to buy to get everything the project has to offer. The players also experience significant problems with logging into IO Interactive's servers.

The free upgrades seem to have calmed the mood. The situation on Steam has improved - at the time of writing this, the percentage of positive ratings in user reviews has risen to 58%. Gifts from developers do not solve the problem, however, because after February 19 we will be back to square one again.

Negative reactions are mainly caused by the way the game was released, not its quality

All this should not overshadow the fact that Hitman 3 is a great game. The negative reception on Steam is due to factors other than the quality itself. Even users who give the project low ratings often emphasize this fact in reviews.

Let us remind that Hitman 3 debuted on January 20, 2021 on PC (on Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game was a huge success. The game broke even in less than a week after release.

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