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News video games 14 March 2023, 13:05

author: Adam Celarek

New Hitman Won't be Coming Soon; Devs Have Other Priorities

IO Interactive representatives have revealed some of their plans for future projects. We will still have to wait for a new Hitman game.

During the interview for Eurogamer, Christian Elverdam and Hakan Abrak, heads of IO Interactive, shared developement plans for the Hitman series, as well as the studio's other brands. During the conversation, which lasted more than an hour, one of the issues raised was that of a new game set in the universe of the cold assassin:

"At the moment, a really big game about Hitman is a bit in limbo. We are working on the adventures of another agent, which is also consuming a lot of our time," said Christian Elverdam, co-owner and creative director at IO Interactive

Elverdam's statement refers to a James Bond game, currently in development. Contrasting the above words with the company's financial report published last year we can conjecture that the vast majority of the team's human resources are focused on game with Agent 007. The studio is also working on a fantasy network RPG.

However, this does not mean complete abandonment of Agent 47. As a reminder: in January this year Hitman 3 (originally released in 2021) experienced a major rebranding - the game was transformed into a platformer called World of Assasination. It gave the players access to content of the game's two previous installments, as well as an entirely new gameplay mode. Commenting on the future of the brand in the context of WoA, Christian Elverdam mentions:

"[...] we have a fantastic platform where we can further experiment with the formula and what people expect from it," said Christian Elverdam

The statement may provide some consolation for fans of the series. For it suggests that they will not be completely deprived of new content starring Agent 47 while waiting for the new installment.

Hitman 3

Hitman 3

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