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News video games 15 January 2016, 15:34

author: luckie

Hitman becomes a fully episodic game and here's the Collector’s Edition

The upcoming Hitman got a new release format. Square Enix revealed that each of the six in-game locations will be sold separately. This decision resulted in changing the content and price of the Intro Pack.

This week Io-Interactive took Hitman fans by surprise cancelling their pre-orders for the upcoming title and now we know why. The studio changed the game’s release format to an even more episodic one. We will still be able to pick up the full game for $59.99, but now the Intro Pack is slimmer and cheaper – now it costs $14.99 instead of $34.99 and contains only the prologue mission and Paris location.

The Intro Pack will be available on March 11th, whereas the remaining maps – Italy, Morocco, Thailand, USA, and Japan – will be coming one at a month starting from April. Each location pack will be sold separately for $9.99, and when all six are out, Hitman will hit the retailers with a $59.99 price tag.

Hitman Collector’s Edition

Hitman becomes a fully episodic game and heres the Collector’s Edition - picture #1
Hitman Collector’s Edition

There is also the recently announced Collector’s Edition sold on Square-Enix’s official website for $139.99. Apart from full digital game download, it offers a classy statue, hardcover artbook, and Agent 47’s tie and clip set.



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