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News video games 14 November 2023, 00:47

author: Michal Harat

Hogwarts Legacy on Switch in Action [Update: Launch]

The first trailer showing scenes on the game engine of Hogwarts Legacy on Switch has finally hit the web. Fans have made no secret of their enthusiasm, although it is quite moderate.

Source: Warner Bros. Games


Hogwarts Legacy has launched on Nintendo Switch. The game can be purchased in two variants: standard and deluxe (you can read about the extras for the latter one here).

Unfortunately, for now there are no reviews of this edition on the web. We will update this news as soon as the first critics' reviews appear.

Original news

Hogwarts Legacy from Avalanche Software is a huge sales hit - by mid-May, more than 15 million people had bought the game - and this despite the fact that publisher Warner Bros. Games was in no hurry to make the game available immediately on every platform.

The game was released first on PC and current-generation consoles (February 10), then debuted on PS4 and Xbox One (May 5), and on Switch it will appear only on November 14. All indications are that this was a good strategy that saved subsequent versions of the game from failure in the technology field.

Although the release of the Switch version is just around the corner, so far we could count only on screenshots from gameplay, which did not fill us with optimism. The situation has changed with Avalanche Software's release of a trailer for the Switch edition, available below.

The trailer was met with a warm reception, as evidenced by player comments on YouTube. Although it does not actually show gameplay, but cutscenes on the game engine, fans are enthusiastic (perhaps also influenced by the recent leaks showing actual gameplay).

"Having such a game on a cartridge running on a 7-year-old tablet is magic in itself!," declares bbloomfield6497

"This is definitely a good job. You can see that there are still competent developers who are interested in switch gamers," praises tercioaleixo3808

"This looks much better than I expected. Looks like we're going to get another impossible port for Switch!," notes Itachi2099GP

Among the concerns, there are obvious doubts about the optimization of the port. Some gamers fear that Hogwarts Legacy, instead of being a conversion on par with The Witcher 3 (ugly, but playable) will share the fate of the recent Mortal Kombat 1, whose technical condition at launch was abysmal. However, I remind you that the Switch port of the Harry Potter game was worked on for much longer.

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