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News video games 14 November 2023, 07:40

author: Marcin Przala

Hogwarts Legacy on Switch has Numerous Tiresome Loading Screens; Comparison With PS5 Version

Today marks the release of the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy, and as a result, a slew of videos showing how the game runs on the console has flooded the Internet. The initial conclusion? The port is decent, however the game has an awful lot of loading screens on Nintendo's console.

Source: Avalanche Software.

After many months of delay Hogwarts Legacy has finally "landed" on Nintendo Switch. As a result, the web is overflowing with footage showing how the game works on the portable device, as well as comparing this version with the other platforms (you can find examples below).

The Switch's considerable hardware limitations mean that the title set in the Harry Potter universe performs worse compared to current-generation consoles - especially when it comes to the intensity of details or hair textures. It is also deprived of some of the "bells and whistles," such as the burning broom animation.

On the other hand, however, owners of Nintendo consoles are satisfied - at least for the most part - with the level of graphics that this release of Hogwarts Legacy offers, writing that they expected something much worse.

"Frankly, it looks very good for a game of this size. I admit that I am positively surprised."

"Honestly, I expected it to be fuzzier."

The Switch port deserves praise when it comes to the faces of the main characters, which look natural - except for the aforementioned hair. The cinematic cutscenes are also very good.

It is also worth adding that the game seems to run very stably, almost constantly maintaining around 30 frames per second..

Unfortunately, the clear limitations of the portable console from Nintendo result in Hogwarts Legacy having two significant drawbacks.

  • The first, and biggest issue with the game is that in this version you will encounter numerous loading screens - some of which last as long as 50 seconds, such as when entering the Hogsmeade village from the open world.
  • Also problematic is the "aggressive" loading of textures in front of the player's eyes and the small range of their rendering, which makes it hard to enjoy the views - and there's no shortage of them in Avalanche's work after all.

Hogwarts Legacy launched on February 10 on PC; PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners had to wait until May 5. It is worth noting that the game turned out to be a commercial hit, and unofficial reports suggest that a sequel is already in development.

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Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

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