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News guides 20 May 2024, 04:09

author: Damian Gacek

How to Complete The Voice in the Night in Diablo 4 (D4)

Our adventure is coming to the end. The Voice in the Night finishes the D4 Season 4 storyline.

Source: Diablo IV, Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 Season 4 introduced many bigger or smaller changes like Legacy Items (this one confuses many players). Of course, we are also able to enjoy the new storyline missions. They focus on the noble mercenary group called Iron Wolves. These people are in trouble though, as someone targets their members. Of course, we are here to help. After completing A Gift of Robes, you may start the last quest – The Voice in the Night. In this guide we will tell you how to complete it.

How to Complete The Voice in the Night in Diablo 4 (D4)

As in the case of previous missions, first of all you have to acquire proper Honor rank – this time it is 9. By now, you know what to do – once again visit Helltide. After acquiring proper level, speak with Soudeh the Anvil.

Now, you need to meet a warrior in the Low Desert. The meeting place is northeast from Gea Kul (major city in Kehjistan). A short trip for your mount. Next, talk with Soudeh once again and enter the Necrotic Tomb.

Of course, in the dungeon you will encounter many opponents. However, they should not be a great challenge. If you want to end the quest quickly, just follow left wall and move up whenever it is possible. Of course, the dungeon is randomized, but this hint should be true at least for most of the maps. Look for the long corridor, it leads to the main enemy.

At the end of the Tomb you will meet a demon boss – Exari, Blood Maiden. The real combat starts once you kill her Disciples. The boss has one dangerous skill – she is capable of summoning Hellborne elites. They can hit pretty hard, so you should kill them as soon as possible.

Now, speak with Soudeh and go back to the camp to talk with her once more. That’s the end of the story.

If you look for some help, we have prepared a guide, and an interactive map. Feel free to use it.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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