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News guides 12 December 2023, 02:38

author: Damian Gacek

How to Find King in the Mists in PoE, Trick to Defeat Boss

Are you looking for King of the Mists in PoE? This enemy is difficult to find.

Source: Path of Exile, developer: Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile received yet another update. It is called Affliction. It introduces new mechanics. Now players can travel through a forest full of mist, having wisps as their guides and “fuel” necessary to move forward. Along the way you will have to complete some quests, to do that it is necessary to kill special opponents. It is worth doing so, as you will get Ascendency points in return. Sadly, some bosses are extremely difficult to find. We wrote about Black Morrigan and Sacred Trees in separate articles. Lets talk about King in the Mists.

How to find King of the Mists in PoE

King in the Mists is one of the most difficult enemies to find in the new expansion. Sadly, as in the case of all rare opponents in Affliction, its location is totally random. It means that you may find him few times on a couple of maps, or do not encounter the King even after 100 of them. Nevertheless, there are some hints, which may help you in this task.

  1. Most players encountered the enemy on T14+ maps. However, some gamers report to find King in the Mists on lower tiers, too.
  2. Follow purple Wisps, it seems that they are your best bet to find King of the Mists location.
  3. Once you follow wisps, you will encounter a clearing with 3 strange looking totems. Interact with them and they will open portal to King in the Mists lair.

Trick to defeat King in the Mists in PoE

Once you find King of the Mists in PoE, it would be very unfortunate to be killed by it. While the fight itself should not be a problem for a well-equipped character, there is a gimmick to the battle which may kill you.

After some time, and damage taken, King in the Mists will disappear into its maze. When you enter it, you can’t wander around aimlessly because you will die. You have to follow a big white wisp. It will show you the way.

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Damian Gacek

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