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News guides 05 April 2024, 05:59

author: Olga Fiszer

List of all Haunted Modifiers in POE

Check a full list of Haunted modifiers in our Path of Exile guide. Learn how they affect monsters in Necropolis League.

Source: Path of Exile; developer: Grinding Gear Games

The latest Path of Exile patch, the Necropolis League, brings a lot of exciting changes. With a new crafting system you can now forge legendary gear to face even more powerful enemies empowered by special buffs. Learn more about Haunted modifiers and check them all.

What are Haunted Modifiers in POE

In Path of Exile, Haunted modifiers grant significant buffs to the monster they’re attached to, making them tougher or giving them new abilities. Before entering a zone, the Lantern of Arimor unveils groups of monsters that are present in the area, along with specific haunted modifiers assigned to them. You can swap these buffs to affect different monsters, potentially creating more manageable or challenging encounters.

Haunted modifiers come in various tiers. Defeating monsters with higher tiers and buff effect will increase your chances of having Devoted modifiers in later zones. They offer advantages to the player. You can check their list on PoEDB.

List of Haunted Modifiers in POE

There are over 170 Haunted modifiers, each with varying tier level and effectiveness represented by %. These modifiers can be categorized into six different groups:


  1. Cannot be Knocked back.
  2. Enhanced Elemental resistance.
  3. Unaffected by Blinded/Chilled/Burning/Desecrated group.
  4. Chance to evade Elemental ailments.
  5. Chance to evade Hexes/Curses.
  6. Receive less extra damage from Critical Strikes.
  7. Reduced Poison/Bleed duration.
  8. Reduced Enemy Stin threshold.
  9. Cannot be Stunned.
  10. Improved chance to Suppress Spell damage.
  11. Faster Start of Energy Shield recharge.


  1. Increased Damage.
  2. Attack may inflict Poison/Bleeding/Chill/Shock/Ignite/Freeze.
  3. Attack may cause Maim on Hit.
  4. Improved Accuracy rating.
  5. Improved Global Critical Strike Chance & Multiplier.
  6. Increased chance to Blind Enemy on Hit.
  7. Applies Chaos Damage to Attacks.
  8. Skills fire additional projectiles.
  9. Increased chance to gain a Power/Endurance/Frenzy Charge on Hit.
  10. Gain more Physical damage as Extra Lightning/Cold/Fire/Chaos/Random Element damage.

Action & Movement Speed

  1. Increased Attack and Cast speed.
  2. Increased Movement speed.

Life & Mana

  1. Improve Life & Mana regeneration.
  2. Increased maximum Life & Mana.


  1. Chance to Unnerve/Hinder Enemy on Hit with Spell.
  2. Increased Spell damage.


  1. Increased Area of Effect.
  2. Increased Curses effects.
  3. Increased chance of Intimidate Enemy on Hit.
  4. Warcries open Chests.
  5. Melee Attacks can Knock back enemies.
  6. Bleeding does not deal extra damage when moving.
  7. Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted.
  8. Gain Arcane Surge after spending Mana.
  9. Increased Pack Monster level.
  10. Monsters do not grant Flask Charges when slain.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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