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News guides 09 April 2024, 03:55

author: Olga Fiszer

Union of Souls in PoE Explained

Learn everything about the Union of Souls modifier in our Path of Exile guide and check how to remove the Allies Cannot Die aura.

Source: Path of Exile; developer: Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile has a ton of different modifiers that can affect monsters, entire areas of the map, items and gear, or even a player. In this guide we explain what the Union of Souls monster and map modifiers are. Read on, if you want to know how these mods toughen enemies and strategize how to take them down.

Union of Souls monster modifier in PoE

Union of Souls is a monster modifier in Path of Exile, that belongs to a group of mods called Bloodline. Each pack of magic monsters has a chance to spawn with a boost. Union of Souls grants various buffs to other monsters in pack when one of them dies. This means that when you kill a monster with this modifier, the remaining monsters in that group will grow bigger and likely more dangerous.

Here are all Union of Souls monster modifier effects:

  1. 10-15% increased Character Size.
  2. 30% increased Maximum Life,
  3. 20% increased Area of Effect.

Union of Souls map modifier in PoE

Map modifiers in Path of Exile are special mods that can spawn on maps. These modifiers can affect the difficulty, rewards, or monster behaviors within the area.

Here’s a breakdown of Union of Souls map modifier:

  1. Rare monsters have a permanent Allies Cannot Die aura protecting nearby monsters from dying.
  2. The aura surrounding the rare monster usually covers about the distance of a screen.
  3. The aura’s Allies Cannot Die effect takes precedence over similar effects from specific unique items or Sentinels.

Union of Souls map mod can greatly boost the difficulty of encounters, particularly for builds focused on quick target elimination. Prioritize taking down the rare monster first to remove the aura and make the other foes vulnerable.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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