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How to Get and Use Igneous Geode in PoE

In this guide we will talk about Igneous Geode in PoE. Read our article to learn more about it.

On April 7th we were introduced to a new Path of Exile expansion – Crucible. Marked with number 3.21, the patch sprung a new life into the continent of Wraeclast gathering more than 200.000 players on the launch day. The Crucible update introduced new features and balance changes, yet the most prominent one seems to be the possibility to imbue weapons with their own, powerful Skill Trees. Doing so is not a straightforward task as it requires players to acquire special item – Igneous Geode. In this article you can learn how to obtain and use this key item.

How to get Igneous Geode in PoE

How to Get and Use Igneous Geode in PoE - picture #1

The Igneous Geode is a currency item that can drop anywhere in the world through Crucible encounters. To trigger those encounters, you must find one of Crucible Forges that are scattered across the world. After locating one of them, interact with the forge, and select a weapon. Then you will be able to choose how many Molten Monsters you would like to spawn. The longer you click and hold, the more Molten Monsters will spawn and merge together creating more demanding challenge but also with higher rewards.

How to use Igneous Geode

How to Get and Use Igneous Geode in PoE - picture #2

Igneous Geodes are items that are meant to be opened. Opening is as easy as locating the Geode in your inventory and right clicking to open it. That will reward you with a rare map item called Primeval Remnant. Using those will allow you to open a portal to the Forge of the Titans. This endgame area enables the player to melt a weapon down and merge its Crucible Passive Tree with another weapon’s. By doing that, newly acquired item incorporates elements of each weapons’ Skill Trees and combines randomly their upgrades, downgrades, and changes.

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