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News guides 12 April 2023, 15:19

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Get Dreadnought AI Fragment in NMS

If you are playing No Man's Sky Interceptor and wondering how to get the Dreadnought AI Fragment, here is the answer.

Last week No Man's Sky has seen the arrival of a major update - Interceptor. It introduces a number of Sentinel-related innovations to the game. One of the items that appeared in the game is the Dreadnought AI Fragment. In this guide you can find out how to get it.

No Man's Sky Interceptor - how to get the Dreadnought AI Fragment?

Dreadnought AI Fragment is an item required to find damaged interceptors. This makes it an extremely valuable resource. In order to obtain it, you must go to a Dissonant System. It is there that you can find corrupted Sentinels.

Once you reach the system, head to one of the Corrupted Planets and there provoke the Sentinels to attack. To do this, you can attack local outposts or search for resource deposits guarded by these creatures with the help of a scanner.

As soon as the battle is initiated, eliminate the corrupted Sentinels located on the planet's surface. Then return to space. There you will face a clash with five waves of ships. In the last one, a Sentinel Capital Ship will appear. Destroy this ship and you will be rewarded with a Dreadnought AI Fragment.

No Man's Sky Interceptor - how to find Dissonant Systems?

As already mentioned, in order to get a Dreadnought AI Fragment you have to go to a Dissonant System (look for just such a designation). Dissonant Systems differ from the normal ones in that they have been contaminated. In them you will find Corrupted Planets, where you will come across a number of resources not found anywhere else. Locating such a place requires some degree of luck. This is because you have to check the surrounding systems. However, by already having the Dreadnought AI Fragment you will be able to find Dissonant Systems much faster, as it is able to point them out to you.

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