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How to Get Fabric in Enshrouded

If you would like to craft a new armour set in Enshrouded, you will probably need some fabric to do so. Here you will learn how to get it.

Source: Enshrouded, Developer: Keen Games

The very core of survival games is crafting and exploration. This sense of adventure, creating your own story and establishing a base or even the whole town is what draws people in. Of course, in the very beginning of the journey, a player usually starts almost naked. This holds true for Enshrouded as well. To clad with some decent clothes, you would need to get some fabric first. There are a couple of ways to get it, so buckle up as we will walk you through the process of obtaining this material.

Getting fabric in Enshrouded

Fabric is a material used for crafting various items in Enshouded. It is an essential ingredient used to make numerous armour pieces. If you haven’t progressed enough in the game, getting it can be a bit obscure but it’s actually quite simple.

How to Find Fabric in Enshrouded

The first way of obtaining fabric is finding it in the world. In order to acquire it using this method, venture to Kindelwastes biome. There, search for lootable objects, smash them and look for the desired item. Your best bet is to visit Kindelwastes Tower, but also Flame Sanctums, Sun Temples, and Shrines. Most of the time though, you will gather coloured fabrics, instead of the basic one. This can be problematic, as some recipes require specifically the uncolored version of it.

How to Craft Fabric in Enshrouded

Another, more reliable, way of getting fabric is crafting it at the loom. First though, you will have to acquire this worktable. It is a part of the quest for Hunter. We have already covered how to do that in a separate article. Once you have obtained the device, simply use it to create the desired material. To produce one piece of fabric, 5 linen are required.

Usually, when you are unsure how to get a specific material that you need in survival games, it is a good idea to get further in the game’s quests and explore more. That’s what it is all about. Good luck!

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