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News guides 06 April 2023, 12:50

How to Get Harmonic Brain in NMS

If you want to get Harmonic Brain in NMS you are in a good place. In this guide we will tell you where it is.

Hello Games surprised us yesterday with an update for their game – No Man’s Sky. The Interceptor update brings a lot of new content to the game. It features Corrupted Worlds, new enemy types and tech, custom wonders, and a very intriguing new starship – Sentinel Interceptor. There are several ways to obtain the new vessels, you can learn about them here. No matter which path you’d choose though, at some point you will have to repair the ship. This requires a specific item that may be tricky to find – Harmonic Brain.

How to get Harmonic Brain in NMS

If you want to get a new ship, you will have to repair it. It is not an easy task. The starship will require you to provide it with an item called Harmonic Brain. To get it, you will have to remove materials from the ship. One of the obtained components is called Hyaline Brain.

Access it in your inventory and press the “E” key (square, “X” or “Y” button depending on which platform you are playing) to probe subconscious. After that is done, you need to travel to a marked site. There you will find monolith-like structure that you will be able to interact with. Doing this will reward you with the Harmonic Brain.

How to Get Harmonic Brain in NMS - picture #1

Now, you can go back to the original Sentinel Interceptor starship and fix it with the newly acquired item. After all that is done, you can finally enjoy the ride with your newly repaired Sentinel Interceptor!

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