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News guides 27 November 2023, 02:02

How to Get Legendary Kelp in Coral Island 1.0

If you were asked by Millie to provide her with Legendary Kelp, you might be wondering what it is and how to get it. We're here to help you with that feat.

Source: Coral Island, Developer: Stairway Games

Farming simulators are great, sure, but what about farming sim where you can explore and restore the coral reef with cute, cosy graphics? Such chillout option is given to us by Stairway Games whose latest title, Coral Island, just recently left Early Access program to debut in 1.0 version. Of course, farming is not the only activity in the game, as you will have a chance to help many characters. In one of such requests, you will be asked by Millie to provide her with a legendary kelp. How to get it? Here you will learn the answer.

Getting Legendary Kelp in Coral Island

Coral Island focuses not only on farming or exploring, but also interaction with game characters. At some point, you will be asked by Millie to fetch her a legendary kelp. It’s no use looking for an item called “legendary kelp”, as there is no such thing. What is necessary to complete this request is actually an object called Osmium Kelp Essence.

To get it, you will first need to obtain Osmium Kelp, that you will have access to once you unlock Mer Kingdom. You will have to venture to the deepest parts of the ocean to harvest it. Once you have gathered 10 Osmium Kelps, you will be able to process it with 1 glass in an Extractor to get the desired Osmium Kelp Essence.

As soon as the bottle with the essence is acquired, there is nothing else to do than find Millie (open menu on the Relationship tab, click on Millie and choose Find Npc option) and trot to her to hand her the item she looks for.

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