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News guides 09 March 2023, 15:24

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Get Lu Bu Armor in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu armor in Wo Long is one of the most coveted gear sets. With this guide, you will learn how to find it.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a game in which we find ourselves in a large world full of dangers, perform tasks, fight enemies and acquire equipment. In the game we find a variety of sets, the wearing of which guarantees a stat bonus. Thanks to this guide you will learn how to get the Lu Bu armor, or the Flying General Set..

Lu Bu Armor in Wo Long

Flying General Set is a heavy armor that consists of six elements, and they are:

  1. Flying General Mask
  2. Flying General Armor
  3. Flying General Gauntlets
  4. Flying General Greaves
  5. Sky-Piercing Halberd
  6. Flying General's Bow

To get the whole set, you need to perform tasks, for the completion of which you can earn the missing items. These include:

  1. Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men
  2. Behold the Glaive of Righteousness
  3. Decisive Battle of Guandu
  4. The Assault on Wuchao

For putting on a few set pieces, you will receive the Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men buff, and the stat bonuses will depend on how many pieces you have collected.

  1. 2 pieces - 10 HP
  2. 3 pieces - Enemy Detection
  3. 4 pieces - MartialArts Spirit Consumption - 2.4%.
  4. 5 pieces - Halberd Spirit Consumption - 7,9%.
  5. Full set - Martial Arts Damage 9.6%

Who is Lu Bu in Wo Long

Lu Bu is a boss that we will encounter in Battle of Hulaoguan Pass. He wears heavy armor and sits on a horse. To be able to deal more damage to him, we need to lower his Spirit gauge beforehand by dragging him down from his mount.

In addition to the aforementioned task the boss will also be encountered in his demonic form in Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men. During this fight, it is good to use a Water Build. The opponent himself often uses fiery attacks and usually fights at a distance, so for much of the fight you should avoid his strikes.

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