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Diablo 4 Better Than D3? Beta Participants Approve, Despite Bugs

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 March 2023, 21:50

The first round of Diablo IV beta testing is slowly drawing to a close. Although the game's condition leaves much to be desired, players seem to be satisfied with Blizzard's latest creation.

Sony as Victim; Loses to Game Pass and Won't Manage Without CoD

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 March 2023, 21:31

Sony admitted in a statement to the UK's Markets and Competition Authority that in terms of market share, Microsoft with Game Pass is far ahead of PS Plus. Moreover, the Japanese claim that their games cannot match Call of Duty.

Diablo 4 Beta Fixes Available; Queues Should be Shorter

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2023, 21:18

Blizzard Entertainment has implemented improvements to the Diablo 4 beta that are expected to result in more stable servers and shorter queues.

Assetto Corsa 2 Inbound and Closer Than You Think

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2023, 21:17

Kunos Simulazioni has announced that Assetto Corsa 2 will be released next spring. Updated sales figures for the series were also revealed.

Microsoft Revealed Sony's Superman Game? More Like Spider-Man

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 19 March 2023, 20:52

Microsoft representatives in their response to the UK Competition and Markets Authority mentioned the Superman game available on PlayStation consoles. It seems that they made a mistake.

007 Game From Hitman Devs Won't Show Any Movie Bond

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 19 March 2023, 20:45

Neither Daniel Craig nor any other actor known for the role of James Bond will lend his face to the protagonist of the pcoming game from Hitman devs. IO Interactive will present its own vision of the popular spy in the upcoming Project 007.

Blizzard Comforts Consoles Players Stuck in Queues for Diablo 4 Beta

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2023, 20:18

Blizzard Entertainment has issued a statement regarding Diablo IV beta issues. The developers are working on fixes, but long queues on the servers will persist until they are implemented.

Not Playing Diablo 4 For Some Reason? There's Also Open Beta of Capcom's New Shooter

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2023, 20:08

The open beta of Exoprimal, Capcom's shooter in which we will use exoskeletons to fight dinosaurs, has launched.

Here's 11 Minutes of Disturbing Gameplay From Layers of Fear

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 March 2023, 19:37

Bloober Team together with Anshar Studios have released the first gameplay from Layers of Fear. Yhe 11-minute material shows off new mechanics and visual enhancements to the psychedelic horror game.

The Inevitable Has Happened - Harry Potter Comes to Hogwarts Legacy

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2023, 08:23

A modification has been released that enables us to play as Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy.