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News guides 01 December 2023, 06:50

author: Damian Gacek

How to Set Custom Difficulty in BG3, All options

In this guide we will tell you everything about custom difficulty in BG3. It is a new addition to the game.

Source: Source: Baldur's Gate 3, developer: Larian Studios

New Patch 5 to Baldur's Gate 3 introduced a Custom Difficulty. It is a blessing for fans who wanted a better control over their game difficulty. It is no wonder that many people are interested in this mode. Our guide will hep you to understand it better.

How to Set Custom difficulty in BG3

First of all, you should remember that Custom difficulty may be set only when you start a new game. If you decide to continue your adventures from the old save, you will be able to pick one of the 3 standard options: Explorer, Balanced, Tactician.

The basic rule to customize your experience is to understand that many options have 3 default settings: Explorer, Balanced, Tactician. As you may have noticed, they are also the names of already existing modes. It is not a coincidence. If you look for the most difficult, balanced or easy experience, just pick one of the other difficulty levels. Custom mode is only for people who want to mix them together.

All options in BG3 Custom difficulty

  1. Single Save – it is self explanatory, remember though that you will be not able to change it later.
  2. Enemy Aggression – it will determine how ruthless and dangerous they will be.
  3. Character Power – it will allow you to have characters more or less powerful than enemies.
  4. Enemy Loadouts – It will determine how many skills and items your opponents use.
  5. Additional combat mechanics – it is not a straightforward option, it will add some new mechanics to various (not all) combats. It is definitely recommended if you want to have interesting fights (but they may be more difficult).
  6. Proficiency Bonus – it is a positive bonus to various checks, based on your, well… proficiency. You can make it bigger or lower, but it will drastically influence balance.
  7. Enemy Critical Hits – irritated by strong hits of enemies? Turn them off.
  8. No death saving throws – rather than dying at 0 HP, your characters will be stabilized.
  9. Disable Free First Strikes – self explanatory, it will make ambush attacks less effective, as you will not have the first attack free.
  10. Camp Cost Multiplayer – tired how much food you have in your chest? Make it right (pun intended)!
  11. Short Rest Full Heal – either you like it or not.
  12. Trader Price Modifier – If you like your gold, you set this slider to the left, if you believe you have too much money, go right.
  13. Multiclassing – when one class is not enough; this option cannot be changed later.
  14. Always prompt reactions – the game will pause if anything important will happen.
  15. Hide NPC Health – a good option for immersion, but worse for planning battles.
  16. Hide failed perception rolls – it will probably make you find less things, but you will not load the game so often.
  17. Hide passive rolls in dialogs – very similar case as above.
  18. Preview dialog check difficulty before rolling – this option will allow you to pick the most optimal dialog, but the game will lose some of its roleplay elements, as you will be tempted to be mathematician, not character.
  19. Hide difficulty class during rolls – it is the same case as above. You will be abler to see how much you have to roll, but it will make you probably load more often.

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