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News video games 29 June 2023, 14:29

author: Adrian Werner

Hunt: Showdown Became Crytek's Hit; Activity Record Broken

With the launch of the highly anticipated event, Crytek's shooter Hunt: Showdown has set a new activity record on Steam.

Source: Crytek

Crytek can be pleased with results of online shooter Hunt: Showdown. Although it has been more than 5 years since its release, its popularity continues to grow.

  1. Yesterday the game set a new activity record on Steam - at the hottest time of the day Hunt: Showdown was played by 45,091 concurrent users. This result is 15% higher than the previous record.
  2. The increased interest in the game is due, among other things, to update 1.13, which was released yesterday. The patch introduced, among other things, a shooting range where players can polish their skills and improved the balance of gameplay.
  3. Above all, however, with the release of the update, the big Tide of Shadows event was launched, which will last until August 23. The event revolves around hunting a new monster in the form of an undead alligator known as Rotjaw.
  4. Hunt: Showdown is not only immensly popular on Steam, but also highly acclaimed. 83% of user reviews praise the game from Crytek, which is categorized as a "very positive" reception.

Hunt: Showdown is now experiencing a golden period. Some time ago, Crytek boasted, that the population of the game's players is growing every year. Therefore, the developers intend to support the game for a long time to come. Among other things, the team plans to move it from the now severely outdated 5.6 version of CryEngine to the 5.11 edition, which will result in improvements in both graphics and gameplay. This change to take place this year.

Recall that Hunt: Showdown was released in early access in February 2018. A year later, the game lived to see version 1.0 and an Xbox One release. In turn, a PlayStation 4 port was released in 2020.

The project takes players to Louisiana in the late 19th century and casts them in the roles of monster hunters. It is a PvPvE game, which means that during the game we fight both AI-controlled enemies and other players.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown