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News video games 19 December 2022, 16:11

author: Adam Adamczyk

Is There Multiplayer in House Flipper?

Many players would like to play House Flipper in multiplayer mode. Is it possible and is there a multiplayer mod in the game?

House Flipper is a very interesting game in which our task is to carry out renovations of various interiors. Although on the surface it does not sound particularly interesting, the gameplay is so interesting that the title has won the approval of a very wide group of players. Some of them would like to play together with friends in multiplayer mode, and thanks to this guide you will learn whether such an option is possible..

House Flipper Multiplayer

At the moment House Flipper does not offer a multiplayer mode .. The question about the possibility of adding the such option, asked on the Steam forum got a response from the developers: such a mode would be too much of a challenge for the studio, as House Flipper was not developed with co-op play in mind. There is a lot of code that would have to be completely rewritten for such a mode to work. As a consolation, it is worth mentioning that the developer admitted that one day the team will probably add multiplayer, but it will take a long time.

An alternative to multiplayer

Creating renovation teams with other players could make the already satisfying gameplay of House Flipper even more involving. Unfortunately, no multiplayer mod has yet been created for the game, but there is a way to share gameplay with friends. To do this, you just need to take care of part of the house yourself, and then pass the save file to another person, who will overhaul the rest of the house.. The process is tedious, but once the renovation is complete, the result can be surprisingly satisfying.

To find the save file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the system drive (C drive by default)
  2. Users
  3. User name
  4. AppData
  5. LocalLow
  6. Empyrean
  7. House Flipper Game
  8. Saves
House Flipper

House Flipper

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