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News video games 24 March 2021, 21:50

author: Jacob Blazewicz

First Reviews: It Takes Two - Hail to the New King of Co-op

It Takes Two has won the hearts of reviewers. The new game from the creators of A Way Out collects excellent reviews, and some journalists compare it to the iconic Portal 2.

It Takes Two in a nutshell:
  1. Developer: Hazelight
  2. Publisher: Electronic Arts
  3. Genre: Cooperative platformer
  4. Hardware platforms: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX/S
  5. Release date: March 26, 2021.

This Friday It Takes Two, another intriguing work by the devs of A Way Out, will be coming to the players. Does this seemingly more frivolous game perform as well as the adventures of two convicts? As usual, the answer to this question lies is the reviews, which are flooding the web in increasing numbers.

It Takes Two - selected reviews:

  1. Good is a Geek - 10/10
  2. GamesRadar - 5/5
  3. VentureBeat - 5/5
  4. Game Informer - 9,25/10
  5. Eurogamer Italy - 9/10
  6. ScreenRant -4.5/5
  7. The Gamer - 4.5/5
  8. - 87/100
  9. - 87/100
  10. - 8.3/10
  11. Push Square - 8/10
  12. Wccftech - 8/10
  13. Windows Central - 7/10

When hardly any reviewer decides to give a game a score below 8/10, it's hard to call it anything but a very good or even excellent game. That's not to say that critics don't mention flaws, which don't necessarily boil down to "some levels aren't as fun as others". (vide God is a Geek). There are complaints here and there about the plot of It Takes Two, whether in the second half of the game or as a whole. There are also mentions of incomplete platforming mechanics and uneven difficulty level.

However, the reviews show that these seemingly serious criticisms did not discourage the reviewers. It Takes Two is an excellent co-op title that's almost bursting at the seams with diverse but polished content. There's no time for boredom in this game, even when - as some malcontents would have it - some of the numerous mini-games become a little repetitive. There's no shortage of those, along with secrets, beautiful scenery, and inventive challenges. At the same time, the controls are very accessible, which is especially important in a title that focuses on playing in the company of not necessarily experienced players.

When Hazelight showed the world its new work, there was no shortage of people disappointed with the devs dropping the "adult" adventure game formula in favor of - it would seem - frivolous, maybe even childish platformer. The reviews show that the studio knew what it was doing. It Takes Two is clearly an excellent co-op game, which - according to some - right at the side of the legendary Portal 2. The game will be coming to the market on March 26 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two

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