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News video games 11 October 2019, 12:27

author: Paul Wozniak

King of the Hill Mode and Ocelot Jugular Added to GTA Online

In GTA Online there is a new mode called King of the Hill, where players fight for control over the map. The game also features a new sports car, and the rewards from selected tasks will be doubled during the upcoming week.

GTA Online players will be able to get rich over the next week.

The new King of the Hill mode is now available in GTA Online, with up to 16 players divided into 2-4 teams fighting for the coronation and taking control of the map. The game takes place in seven locations of the picturesque San Andreas, and its participants will receive double prizes (GTA$ and RP) for the next week (until October 16).

In addition, the game features a new car, the Ocelot Jugular, a sports car that "can cut down the road with the precision of a surgeon, if that surgeon had an impact force of multiple kilonewtons and could backhand a man with a slap mass of several metric tons.". If this description didn't encourage you to check how the car is actually doing on the road, then at least look at the picture below to see how Ocelot Jugular looks in the game.

Ocelot Jugular in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has also decided to double player rewards from all customer orders and special cargo sale missions. The bonus will be valid until October 16. Moreover, players who want to take on these tasks for the first time will pay 40% less for Benefactor Terrorbyte and special cargo warehouses.

In the casino you can try your hand at the wheel of fortune and fight for the main prize - the Principe Deveste Eight supercar. This week there are also special discounts for the best vehicles and armor. Owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 (with an associated Social Club account) after logging in to GTA Online will receive an exclusive butcher's mask in custom color, which will automatically be added to their Red Dead Online inventory.

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