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News video games 28 January 2020, 22:26

author: Christian Pieniazek

Konami Considers New Silent Hill

Konami, the company in charge of the Silent Hill franchise, decided to refer to the recent rumors about the next installments of the series. The publisher assures that it has not forgotten about one of its most important series and is considering developing its continuation.

Following recent rumors that Konami is currently working on two unannounced Silent Hill games, PCGamesN's editorial team has decided to seek information from the source and ask for a comment from the publisher. Although the answer they received were quite vague, it does give some hope that something is really up. As we can read in the statement sent by the Japanese company:

"We cannot share anything at this point, but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title."

As you can see, Konami hears the voice of the community. And those who have been demanding the opportunity to return to the terrifying little town that has seen its last major games in 2012, when Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories launched. Although the hope that the Silent Hill series will come back in glory, it has been stirred by the 2014 release of Hideo Kojima's P.T., a playable (and frightening) teaser of Silent Hills, but the project was eventually cancelled.

P.T. is so far the last Konami project in the Silent Hill universe. Will the franchise see another full-fledged installment?

So what is Konami working on now? Although we don't know for sure, recent reports speak of two positions. reminiscent of the popular Until Dawn. For more unofficial details about them we invite you to our yesterday's news, as we will apparently have to wait a bit longer for an official confirmation.

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