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News video games 16 March 2022, 22:24

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Konami Renews Silent Hill Trademark and Raises Fan Hopes

Silent Hill fans are looking for hints of the series' undoubted and imminent return. For example, in Konami's trademark refresh.

Fans of Silent Hill are finding more reports hinting at the upcoming return of the iconic horror series. The latest information was spotted by internet user u/LongJonSiIver from Reddit: Konami has just refreshed the Silent Hilltrademark, as well as those of, among others. Frogger and Gradius.

As we read on Chizai-watch, in the case of SH trademark covers not only video games but also "virtual reality kits," as well as categories unrelated to the digital entertainment industry (presumably "toys" and gifts inspired by Silent Hill).

It should be recalled that such actions do not have to result from specific actions or even plans of the publisher. Refreshing a trademark is often a standard procedure to ensure that no one else uses the name. Or a website, as was the case with the domain name, which, after it was acquired in February, features only a photo with a tweet by Masahiro Ito (creator of the Pyramidhead character) from 24 days ago.

Of course, such cold logic does not appeal to fans of Silent Hill, who have been waiting almost ten years for a true return to the eponymous town (because it is difficult to consider the demo of a certain canceled project). Besides, as mentioned, recent years have brought with them reports suggesting a possible resurrection of the series.

Hope was raised by director Guillermo del Toro at The Game Awards 2021, similarly an easter egg from Death Stranding - not to mention the long-running rumors about not one, but several games with Silent Hill in the title, including the project of the Polish studio Bloober Team. Plans connected with this and other forgotten brands owned by Konami will supposedly be revealed at a presentation to be held later this year. Time will tell.

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