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News guides 16 November 2023, 07:11

author: Agnes Adamus

Lethal Company Complete Item List

In Lethal Company you will be able to use many more or less useful tools. Here you will find a full list of them.

Source: Lethal Company, developer: Zeekerss

Lethal Company is a co-op survival horror game currently available in early access. The game will enable you to take on the role of space salvagers who, on behalf of the Company, recover scrap metal from abandoned industrial facilities on the Moon. You will be assisted in this task by various items. This guide contains a complete list of them.


Walkie-Talkie allows for communication between players. Thus, it is only useful for groups that value high imersion. Otherwise, you can simply use third-party voice communicators.

Price: 12


A simple tool that is the foundation of survival. It enables you to illuminate the area in front of you. However, you must remember that it runs on batteries, which you must recharge while on the ship.

Price: 15


An upgraded version of the flashlight. It differs from its weaker version only in the range of illumination and longer battery life.

Price: 60

Lock Picker

Lock Picker is a tool that will enables you to open locked doors without much trouble. However, the process takes quite a long time, as much as 30 seconds. This makes it quite risky and in most cases unprofitable.

Price: 20

A much safer option is to use a Key. This is a disposable item that you can find by searching for scrap.


Shovel is the most important item in the initial phase of the game. This is because it is a weapon that inflicts enough damage that it will work without much trouble during clashes with weaker opponents.

Price: 30

An alternative melee weapon is the Stop Sign. However, it is not available for purchase. Instead, you can find it by searching the for scrap.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade leaves your opponent temporarily stunned. It is especially useful when fighting Forest Giants.

Price: 40


Boombox is an extremely useful navigation tool. This is because you can leave it in a given spot, so that later, guided by the sound it emits, you can find your way back. In this way you can easily find things like exit. However, you must remember that the noise can also attract monsters.

Price: 60

Extension Ladder

Nothing complecated here. You will use the Extension Ladder to get to higher places.

Price: 60


TZP-Inhalant causes a temporary increase in your character's agility. They will run longer and faster. However, it has side effects - you will experience anomalously deteriorating visibility on your screen.

Price: 120


Zap-Gun is a very useful, but also expensive tool. This is because it enables you to shoot an electric charge at your opponent, which will stun him. It is therefore a more convenient to use alternative to the Stun Grenade.

Price: 400


Jet-Pack is a gadget that enables you to fly, letting you quickly move from one point to another. However, you must be careful, if you use it for too long, it will explode.

Price: 700

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Lethal Company

Lethal Company

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