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News video games 13 October 2021, 12:39

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

No More Insulting Mothers in LoL, At Least Not in Chat

Riot Games is tackling toxic behavior of League of Legends players. One of the manifestations of the battle will be the removal of general chat from the game.

  • Riot Games battles toxic behavior of League of Legends players;
  • General chat will be removed from the game;
  • The change will take effect with the release of update 11.21.

It is likely that every League of Legends player has at some point experienced toxic behavior of other users. In fact, verbal abuse in chat is nothing new in Riot Games' work. The problem was also noticed by the studio itself. Unfortunately, it is difficult to solve it in a simple way. Therefore, the developers decided on a radical move.

With update 11.21 the devs completely disabled general chat, which was available in the game. While the developers acknowledge that it allowed for many positive interactions with our rivals, the much more common use was, unfortunately, toxic behavior, such as insulting opponents. The developers' decision was also influenced by surveys filled out by the players themselves.

This is the only interaction option they decided to deactivate. Opponents will still be able to see the emotes used by other players. Team chat will also remain active in the game. Developers did not decide to disable it, because it is an important factor affecting team coordination. Unfortunately, this means that this area will remain exposed to the activity of toxic community member.

Update 11.21 will debut on October 20, this year.

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