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News video games 08 November 2022, 11:33

author: Adrian Werner

Massive GTA 6 Leak Won't Affect Game's Development

Take-Two Interactive's CEO has reassured investors, stating that the leaked GTA 6 footage will not affect work on the project.

In September, the entire industry lived with the leak of materials from Grand Theft Auto VI. Yesterday, while discussing Take-Two Interactive's financial results, its CEO Strauss Zelnick addressed the issue.

  1. Strauss Zelnick assured that the leaked footage of Grand Theft Auto VI will not affect work on this game.
  2. Take-Two Interactive's CEO said the company found no evidence that the leak covered any sensitive elements and harmed the game.
  3. This statement is important because the hacker claimed that he also stole the source code of GTA 6. Zelnick's statement may suggest that the hacker lied, or that he did not manage to release the source code anywhere before he was arrested.

It appears that Grand Theft Auto VI will not share the fate of Half-Life 2, where the leak of an early version of the game forced major changes and a delayed release.

Recall that the hacker responsible for the attack on Rockstar Games was arrested in late September. It turned out that he had previously been involved in hacking of the servers belonging to Microsoft and Nvidia, among others. Shortly thereafter, he was taken to a juvenile shelter.

It is worth adding that thanks to the leak we learned a lot of interesting things about GTA 6. We know that the action will be set in Vice City in modern times, and during the game we will control two characters - Jason and Lucia, the latter being the first playable heroine in the history of the brand. In addition, fans have analyzed gameplays from the early version and they show that the game's map will be much larger than that of the fifth installment.

  1. Rockstar Games - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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