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News video games 19 September 2022, 15:37

author: Damian Mista

Big GTA 6 Leak; Rockstar Tries to Wipe the Materials [UPDATED]

We've seen a leak a lot of footage from the upcoming GTA VI. 90 (!) videos from the early version of the game have surfaced on the web, confirming that the action will be set in Vice City and will take place after the events of GTA V.

Graphic source: Rockstar Games.

Update #3

GTAForums and subreddit dedicated to GTA 6 have been wiped clean of multimedia content regarding leaked footage from a very early version of the game (the latter was even closed for a while). Currently, discussion of the entire incident is allowed on both websites, with the exclusion of publication of unofficial screenshots, videos, etc.

Update #2

Rockstar Games removes leaked materials from the web. This applies not only to videos posted on YouTube, but also screenshots that were spreading among users of GTAForums - also the original thread set up by a hacker who broke into the company's servers was removed. The forum's administration informed users that, in consultation with Rockstar Games, it forbids the sharing of any material from GTA VI. Only discussion of topics related to the game is allowed (an example would be the thread dedicated to cars in the game).

As Tom Henderson reports, the hacker's account on Telegram has been deleted, because someone allegedly tracked down their location. Earlier there were reports of offer to sell the source code GTA 5, but they have already been debunked by the leaker. It's also not hard to find suggestions that the hacker is trying to get in touch with people from Rockstar - some report the offer he/she intends to make to them, others that the strength of the leak allegedly "surprised" the hacker.

UPDATE: The person claiming to be the hacker stated on GTAForums (the thread has also been deleted) that the Telegram account was deleted without their knowledge, as was the entire data leak thread. At the same time, the person published new contact information on Telegram - however, it is difficult to verify this information, as there is no shortage of scammers claiming to be the hacker on the web (thanks to one of our readers for the information).

Update #1 (September 18, 2022).

Bloomberg news agency reporter Jason Schreier confirms, that based on sources from Rockstar, there has in fact been a leak of data on GTA VI. The content we received shows an early and unfinished version of the upcoming game. The journalist called the event Rockstar's worst nightmare and the biggest leak in the history of video games. In the past Schreier brought information about the upcoming game.

Big GTA 6 Leak; Rockstar Tries to Wipe the Materials [UPDATED] - picture #1
Source:Twitter/Jason Schreier.

Original message

Are you already bored with GTA V and are eagerly awaiting an explanation of what the so-called "Project Americas" is? Today we've seen a leak coming most likely from Grand Theft Auto VI!

The materials were supposedly stolen from Rockstar Games by a hacker. Thus, we received a number of files that have "Americas" in their name. The total weight of the package is 3.4 GB and it contains as many as 90 videos from the early version of the game, which are currently spreading like a wildfire on social media. They were posted on GTAForums by a user nicknamed teapotuberhacker, who, although he only created an account today, bragged about hacking into Uber's servers to add credibility to the leak.

Shared videos supposedly originated from Slack (a platform for corporate communication) of Rockstar employees. The names of the files and tools used in the development of the game (e.g., the operating system version, development tools) suggest that what we see is the condition from around 2021-2022.

In an extensive thread on GTAForums we can also find, among other things, the source code or documentation of the upcoming game. Users have noticed that the videos use resources from GTA V (such as vehicle sounds) and Red Dead Redemption 2 (menu debugging or ragdoll effect). So let's remember that this is an early version of the game and hence its very "crude" condition. The final product may look vastly different.

The video shows, among other things, a bar robbery and the subsequent escape from the police (from 3:57). Of the more interesting tidbits we can see - the streetcar has the word "Vice City" written on it, and we can also see the Malibu Club (a reference to Tommy Vercetti's adventure from GTA: Vice City). Also confirmed are rumors of two playable characters: a woman and a man with the names Lucia and Jason.

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