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News video games 01 October 2019, 23:51

author: Michael Kulakowski

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 With 10 Years of Post-release Support

Developers of the extremely ambitious Microsoft Flight Simulator have confirmed that they intend to support the title for at least ten years after its release, which is scheduled for next year. During this time, fans will receive updates, various add-ons and new game modules.

For the last several years, fans of realistic civilian aviation simulators have not been spoiled by developers. All the more surprising was this year's announcement of the next installment of the highly acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator series, whose latest installment was released in 2006. Jorg Neumann, the head of Asobo, the French development team working on the game, confirmed in an interview with Ars Technica that the game will not disappoint flying enthusiasts. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be continuously developed over the next ten years. During this time, fans will receive patches, updates, new modules and airplanes, as well as add-ons for which the series is known. What's more, the devs also are to work closely with the fan community, which produces mods and unlicensed expansions.

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator was born in 2016 as a technology demo for HoloLens glasses.

This declaration was made with the full support of Microsoft Game Studios management, which is strongly insisting that the simulator should not be a one-time project, but a title that attracts new fans thanks to new attractions and improvements. We also learned from the interview how Microsoft decided to invest in a new installment of the simulator. In 2016, Asobo worked on HoloLens glasses, preparing a demo for a realistic three-dimensional flight simulation over Seattle, which used the satellite data of the Bing search engine. The results of the team's work delighted Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft. He proposed very quickly to develop the technology used in the demo to build a completely new game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released next year on PC and Xbox One. The exact release date is not yet known, but we know for sure that the title will be available at no additional cost in Xbox Game Pass on the day of the debut. On the official website, the Insider program is still in progress. Participants of the initiative receive regular updates on the latest developments in the game, participate in surveys, can submit their own suggestions and ideas to developers, and are given the opportunity to take part in technical tests of the early version of the game.

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