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News video games 07 September 2021, 19:16

author: Iltutmis

Austria, Germany and Switzerland Just Got More Beautiful in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update is now available. It includes 100 hand-crafted locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

  • As part of the free World Update VI 100 fully detailed locations in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland have been added to the game;
  • MSFS: Top Gun Maverick will not be released this year. The DLC will be available around the release of the movie of the same title.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has lived to see another (free) update. Thanks to it, the game's content has been expanded by the addition of new, beautified versions of many locations in Europe.

Today's World Update VI adds to the game more detailed 3D models of cities like Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Basel and Vienna, as well as high-resolution maps. Asobo created high-quality models of monuments and other famous locations in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Airports waiting for the players include Lubeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt, and St. Gallen.

Today's update for Microsoft Flight Simulator also includes new challenges, bush trips, and discovery flights - routes planned by developers, enabling the players to take a closer look at detailed locations.

Finally, it's worth noting that the paid DLC MSFS: Top Gun Maverick will not be released this year. The expansion will launch in 2022 around the release date of the movie, scheduled for May 27.

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