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News guides 25 March 2024, 23:25

Millennia - Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4, Switch) Release

Millennia is a 4x strategy game that will soon be available on PC. In this article, we will explain the release of the game on Xbox, PS5, PS4 and Switch consoles.

Source: Millennia, developer: C Prompt Games

The release of Millennia is fast approaching. It is a 4x turn-based strategy in which players take the lead of a nation and guide it over ten eras. The title has attracted a lot of interest, so it's not surprising that there are questions relating to the potential release date of the game for other platforms. In our article you will learn everything related to the launch of Millennia on Playstation, Xbox and Switch consoles.

Millennia – Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4, Switch) Release Explained

Millennia is scheduled for release in exactly one week's time, i.e. March 26th, 2024 on PC. It will be available on Steam, but of course you can buy it also on Paradox's official website (you'll also get a Steam code there).

Unfortunately, the choice is not very wide when it comes to PC, and even poorer when it comes to consoles. At the moment, there is no specific information that would give an exact release date for Millennia on Xbox, PlayStation or Switch. Recently, there were questions from fans on the official Discord server. Developers decided to answer them on their official site. One topic is especially interesting for console owners:

Question: Any plans for creating a game franchise? Is support for next generation consoles going to happen? Would we be able to see a mobile version of the game or a spin off version like Tropico mobile?

Answer: We would like nothing more than to get to continue to build on what we’ve done so far.

As you can see, the question is quite broad, however, it can be noted that the developers are thinking about releasing Millennia for other platforms. Unfortunately, there will probably be a long wait for more accurate information, especially since the priority is currently to focus on the PC version of the game.

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